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The sittings of the Supreme Court and the sittings in Dublin of the High Court shall be four in every year, viz. the Michaelmas sittings, the Hilary sittings, the Easter sittings and the Trinity sittings. The Michaelmas sittings shall begin on the first Monday in October and end on the 21st December; the Hilary sittings shall begin on the 11th January and end on the Friday of the week preceding the Easter vacation; the Easter sittings shall begin on the Monday of the week following the Easter vacation and end on the Thursday preceding Whit Sunday; and the Trinity sittings shall begin on the Wednesday of the week following Whitsun week and end on the 31st July, provided that, if the 11th January shall be a Saturday or Sunday, the Hilary sittings shall begin on the following Monday. Order 118 Rules of the Superior Courts

The High Court sits each day during term at the Four Courts, Dublin (civil) and at the Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin (criminal). It also sits on scheduled sitting days at provincial venues.

Hilary sittings 11th January – 18th March
Easter sittings 4th April – 12th May
Trinity sittings 25th May – 29th July
Michaelmas sittings 3rd October – 21st December

Hilary sittings 11th January – 7th April
Easter sittings 24th April – 1st June
Trinity sittings 14th June – 31st July
Michaelmas sittings 2nd October – 21st December

A judge is available during all vacations to hear matters of sufficient urgency and the weekly bail lists held in Cloverhill Courthouse during term continue in the vacations.
Consult the Central Office at tel: +353 (0)1 888 6000 / 6505 / 6514 for further details.

Christmas: 24th December to 6th January.
Easter: Monday of the week preceding Easter week to Saturday of Easter week.
Whitsun: Friday of the week preceding Whitsun to Saturday of Whitsun week.
Long vacation: 1st August to 30th September.

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